Materials / Wood Essence

White Ash.

The sapwood of ash is creamy-white with small pinkish highlights. The heartwood varies from light to dark brown. The grain of ash is porous and even rough in some places. Some even say it has a coarse grain.

Sugar Maple.

The sapwood is ivory white with small shades of brown-grey. The heartwood is a dark brown to blackish brown. The grain is closed and very tightly packed, giving it a very smooth texture.

Red Oak.

Pale pink to dark reddish brown, it is very similar to white oak. Red oak has an open, porous and sometimes rough grain.

White Oak.

The sapwood of the white oak is creamy white, while the heartwood is more of a greyish-brown colour. White Oak has an open, porous grain. Many describe it as having a coarse grain. If we look at it carefully, we might think that it has been cut with a small knife.


The heart of the cherry tree is red-brown to creamy pink in colour. The sapwood is mostly creamy white. Its fine, tight grain gives it a smooth texture.


Sapwood is creamy white or very lightly coloured. Its heartwood is yellowish brown with darker streaks. Its fine grain has diffuse vessels.


Creamy white to yellow with knots. You can find it without the knots, it’ s called the Select Pine. Its tight, but porous, grain gives it a smooth texture; pine is a soft wood.


Going from creamy white to greenish hues. Dark brown to black spots can sometimes be found. Its tight grain gives it a smooth texture.

Black Walnut.

The heart is medium to chocolate brown, sometimes purple. The sapwood is very pale brown, almost whitish. The black walnut grain is not very porous and as a smooth texture.


The butternut colour is characterized by a light brown with silvery highlights. It is a wood with a soft texture, but porous and rough to the touch.

Yellow Birch.

The sapwood ranges from creamy white to pale yellow and the heartwood varies from pinkish to reddish brown. About 25% softer than sugar maple, it has a tight, cathedral-shaped grain. It can often be confused with maple.


The Hickory’s colours range from creamy white to brownish with slight pinkish highlights. Hickory wood is porous and very dense; rough to the touch.

American beech.

Sa couleur est d’un brun rosé et très uniforme. Grain très fin aux fibres serrées, ce qui lui procure une texture très lisse au toucher.